Automatically Locate and Identify your Sensitive Data

Achieving compliance across a wealth of new international data privacy laws and regulations is the benchmark for effective cybersecurity, and data classification is one of the pillars needed to build a strong data protection posture.

The family of Titus Data Classification products provides the essential tools to clearly inform both your people and your policies on what data should be secured and how to handle it. Manage and protect your data with the industry’s most flexible and customizable classification metadata schema. Give your data context so people and systems understand how to handle the information.


Our Data Classification Products

Titus Classification for Microsoft Office

Titus Classification for Microsoft Office

A classification and policy enforcement tool that ensures all Microsoft Office documents are classified before they can be saved, printed, or sent via email.
Titus Classification for Microsoft Outlook

Titus Classification for Microsoft Outlook

Ensure that every email is classified and protectively marked before it is sent.
Titus Classification for Desktop

Titus Classification for Desktop

Allow end users to classify and protect any file type with just a few mouse clicks in Microsoft Windows Explorer helping protect your organization against inadvertent data loss.
Titus Classification for G-Suite

Fortra Data Classification Reporting Server

A web-based application that provides you with a centralized reporting and dashboarding solution, enabling organizations to effectively access, design, and manage dashboards while monitoring data classification activities.
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Secure Your Sensitive Information and Reduce it’s Risk of Exposure


Titus data classification solutions enable the classification of a wide variety of file types across multiple platforms, helping organizations to:

  • Classify documents and files to protect sensitive data and prevent data loss
  • Deliver real-world information for more accurate data loss prevention
  • Comply with data protection regulations and policies like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and unique support for ITAR and CUI
  • Increase security awareness and accountability among users
  • Leverage metadata across your security ecosystem, adding accuracy to the data protection tools you already use
  • Drive better business decisions, and gain visibility into challenge areas, by group or region
  • Automatically trigger Vera secure collaboration based on the classification of a file
  • Supports a wide variety of file types: PDFs, videos, images, ZIP files, and design documents

Titus provides the broadest email classification coverage available

When a user sends an email and chooses a classification, Titus’ data classification solution uses prompts to add levels of granularity to the classification, and the embedded metadata. This metadata enables other data protection solutions to make informed decisions around how to handle the data, leading to a more efficient data security ecosystem.


Why Customers Choose Titus

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Titus wins gold five times in the 2020 Cyber Security Excellence Awards!

2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

A 2020 TechValidate survey shows that Titus Classification Suite is considered best-in-class by the people who use our solutions every day.
100% of surveyed Banking and Financial Services organizations realized value within 3-6 months after implementing Titus for their needs.  
100% of surveyed Aerospace & Defense organizations rated Titus Classification Suite as better compared to other solutions.  
97% of surveyed organizations rated Titus Classification Suite as better compared to other solutions.  
Source: TechValidate “We use this solution to classify documents in our organization. It is a very useful tool, it integrates with Microsoft Office tools, Microsoft Exchange Outlook (application and Web based interface – OWA). We customized several buttons and users just click to apply classification – very easy for end user. We use classification applied by Titus to configure our DLP solution and to catch sensitive information” Read the full review here

Improve data security for printed documents

When a user creates a document that contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII), e.g., names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers, the policy automatically sets the data classification as Restricted. Even if the user has chosen NOT to include visual markings in the electronic document, Titus applies visual markings to any printed copies to protect the physical copies of the file.

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